There are external factors that cause our skin to begin to age prematurely. If you want to avoid it, it’s important to know what are those factors in order to prevent it.


Do you want to know what are the 6 factors that are causing your skin to look older?

1. Pollution


This external agent alters the natural barrier of the skin, accelerating its aging, leaving it dull and lacking in elasticity.

2. Stress


Stress weakens the skin barrier and slows down the production of elastin and collagen, key factors for young and healthy skin.

3. Lack of water


Dehydration can generate fine lines, dark circles and bags around the eyes, giving our skin a dull tone.

4. Tobacco


Some of its chemical substances degrade the collagen and keratin fibers of our skin, accelerating skin aging.

5. Poor diet


Some foods damage our skin from within. For example, sugar deteriorates collagen and salt tends to dehydrate our skin.

6. Sun Overexposure


This is the Nº1 cause of premature skin aging. It generates spots, wrinkles, dehydrated areas, among others. It’s called photoageing.






The secret to having a radiant and youthful skin is the daily use of sunscreen, since regular exposure to the sun without protection is the factor that severely damages our skin.

That’s why we recommend you looking for a sunscreen that suits your skin type

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