Sustainability began as a punctual trend, however, we are realizing that it is already a necessity, that is why at Selvert Thermal we are committed to sustainable development.


One of the most important aspects directly related to pollution is the packaging of many products. And its durability makes it one of the biggest health enemies to the planet.


For this reason, at Selvert Thermal we are committed to using 100% recyclable cellophane. This is a packaging process whereby two layers of alufoil are bonded together to create a waterproof and lightfast barrier. In this way, we continue to offer an optimal service, ensuring that the product arrives in perfect conditions and controlling the environmental impact on the planet.


Currently, the main objective of SELVERT THERMAL is to minimize the environmental footprint that we generate throughout our value chain. That is why we are carrying out a policy that brings together a multitude of actions for this purpose, such as:

  • Substitution of the informative interior brochures for comfortable QR Codes.
  • Use of 100% recyclable cellophane.
  • Optimization of our packaging boxes so that shipments to our customers are 100% optimized.
  • Reduction of water use in our production processes.
  • Use of more sustainable Packaging (recyclable materials, less % of plastic…).
  • Use of more sustainable raw materials extracted from nature with the least possible impact.


Our facilities use 100% renewable energy.

Every day we invest time and resources investigating possible more sustainable materials to integrate into Selvert Thermal processes.