The new line of concentrates that acts to give an immediate response to the different needs of the skin thanks to his wealth in actives of last generation. Single dose format is with instantaneous results.

Anti-aging: thanks to their rich content in active agents such as C-60 and latest generation peptides, these ampoules are especially indicated in more mature and  photo-aged skin, diffusing wrinkles and providing intensive firming and bright tone

Regeneration: This intensive action concentrate rich in growth factors and other powerful active ingredients allows rapid regeneration while boosting firmness and elasticity. Your skin will instantly recover optimal hydration and firmness.

Oxygenating and Pollution Protector: its powerful active agent such as C-60. Proteoglycans, and Shield MP which acts as a protective shield against external elements like pollution, provide plentiful oxygenation of the skin making it shine bright with a velvet feel.

Day & Night DNA Repairer: Concentrate of powerful active ingredients such as resveratrol and Repair Complex, which promote cell renewal, firm and prevent the signs of premature skin ageing while repairing the ravages of time.

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