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The SELVERT THERMAL Peel Off Mask System (7 facials, 1 corporal) enhances the effectiveness of any professional cabin treatment thanks to the innovative osmotic gel enriched with Alpine Rose Stem Cells, found in all of them.

Formulated with more than 95% natural ingredients, these masks help skin recover its natural beauty and radiance by providing a tightening and brightening effect.


With natural extract of Ginseng which has a high purifying and decongestant effect, indicated for those skins showing the first symptoms of aging.

Raffermissant Antirides
This mask rich in Vitamin C has firming properties and is especially recommended for mature or more damaged skin. The skin will look smooth and firm, minimizing wrinkles and expression lines.

Aloe Vera moisturizing mask with coconut extract designed for all skin types, which helps restore the natural balance of the skin, providing softness, smoothness and luminosity.

This soothing mask contains Bisabolol which provides a relaxing and de-stressing effect for more sensitive skin. In addition, oat flakes improve skin firmness, helping to diffuse signs of fatigue.

Recover a uniform and luminous skin , reducing spots and the cutaneous hyperpigmentation thanks to the properties of the Rumex Extract.

This mask rich in active bamboo carbon has extensive purifying properties designed for mixed or oily skins. The skin is clean, without any trace of impurities.

Enriched with Echinacea extract, it stimulates cell regeneration, reduces blemishes and provides an uniform skin tone.

This body mask helps to remove localized fat deposits thanks to its formulation rich in guarana and caffeine. The contour of the female silhouette appears slim and firm again.