Healthy peelings for your skin!

Importance of regenerating our skin

Everyone knows that the natural process of cell regeneration is essential to be able to boast of that porcelain and luminous skin, so desired by all of us.

Over the years, eating habits, weather incidents, pollution, the sun and even our own stressful rhythm of life affect this natural regeneration process causing it to slow down little by little.

The shedding of dead cells from the surface of the skin becomes ineffective, causing an accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin and even reducing its regenerative capacity by 50%, this causes spots, imperfections and wrinkles to appear, becoming visible the first signs of skin aging.

But with the controlled use of cosmetic chemical peels, we can dramatically delay and improve this process.


And how do these cosmetics have that ability to surprise us?

Because it is scientifically proven that AHAs and BHAs restore the healthy appearance of the skin, removing dead cells from the surface. They also act in depth by stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin by the skin itself and genuinely reduce wrinkles and expression lines.

These active ingredients reduce and improve the visible signs of aging. The pore size is reduced, the skin texture is smoothed, the tone is lightened, the firmness and elasticity reappear.

The result is remarkably moisturized skin, with shine, luminosity and softness that is noticeable and felt from the first application.

That is why I am going to provide you with a weekly routine that will help you regain the splendor of your skin.


How and when to use them in your weekly routine

Selvert Thermal is always thinking of you, how to help you and give your skin a new life by creating a new line of combination of acids that will help you treat all these conditions in a controlled and controlled way. safe, resulting in smooth skin, free of imperfections, luminous, hydrated and smooth.

Remember to cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin daily and at certain ages to use a Selvert Thermal beauty serum (in our many references you will find the most suitable one that suits your skin).

And now we will move on to exfoliation with chemical peels, this very important step that we refer to today is essential in an effective beauty routine.

It will be necessary to apply the appropriate product depending on your skin type, therefore, Selvert Thermal has created within the Régénération Absolue line different chemical AHA's serums with different concentrations and different mixtures of acids (maddelic, glycolic, salicylic and lactic) for treatment at home

Depending on your skin type we will choose one or the other, recommending two applications a week, and in summer only once.

The REVIVAL ENERGIZER MEDIUM (3.25% concentration) for more delicate, fine and sensitive skin and the REVIVAL ENERGIZER FORTE (10% concentration) for thicker, more resistant or those skin prone to acne.

Keep in mind to put yourself in the hands of a good Selvert Thermal professional who will advise you and recommend the most suitable chemical peel for you.



Anna Guerrero · Training Departament ST