At The Essential Care we have adopted the “Well-Ageing” philosophy or the art of well-aging inspired by one of the world’s blue zones with the longest life expectancy in the world, Okinawa Island in Japan.

Celebr’age™ is a coveted active ingredient is extracted from the Alpinia Speciosa.

Based on Marine Biotechnology, we have selected Gulf Stream Sea Water an extraordinary active ingredient present in the entire line, composed of a concentrate of mineral salts and trace elements from the strongest marine currents on the planet. An unmatched unique reserve of marine nutrients.


Likewise, all the formulas have been developed to treat all skin types (even the most sensitives ones), to reinforce the natural skin barrier offering triple protection:


  • They respect the Eudermic PH of your skin

  • They do not alter the hydrolipid barrier

  • They preserve the microbiome

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