This revolutionary program helps the skin recover its hydration and barrier functions, neutralising dryness and meeting each individual customer’s specific hydration needs.


  • 48h Hydration Rich Cream. Glow Effect

Its creamy texture with a soft pink tone delicately melts into the skin, giving it the hydration it needs to appear fresh and juicy, in its fullness. SPF15.


  • Cooling Hydration Sorbet. Night Eye Mask

A refreshing blue-tinted sorbet cream that helps to moisturise and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes at night. Your eyes will wake up luminous and radiant.



  • Roll-on de Jade



  • Massaging with the facial roller stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
  • The skin’s complexion appears rosier and more radiant. 
  • Helps to reduce fluid retention in the face, and relieve puffiness in the eyes. 
  • Facilitates the absorption of active ingredients and serums.