Pure gold has become one of the most recognized and sophisticated beauty trends today. Selvert Thermal has taken inspiration in this precious metal to invite you to feel, the luxury and exclusivity in your skin through its most exclusive line: SOIN D’OR

Thanks to a powerful and sophisticated technology anti-ageing which acts directly on the signs of the ageing, your skin will recover its firmness and the density lost over time, experiencing a rebirth full of brightness and life.

  • PURE GOLDEN CREAM 24K: Feel luxury in your skin thanks to this sophisticated anti-ageing treatment cream formulated with exquisite active ingredient such as pure 24K and diamond peptides. Your facial skin, reborn to show all its fullness.
  • PURE GOLDEN SERUM 24K: sumptuous concentrate with global anti-ageing effects formulated with puro 24K gold. An authentic jewel for your skin which provides an unbeatable close of brightness and regeneration.
  • PURE GOLDEN CREAM 18K: luxury anti-ageing cream whose active agents such as 18K gold permit intensive skin regeneration, which will appear bright and extensively revitalized. Younger.
  • PURE GOLDEN SERUM 18K: serum incorporating an innovative anti-ageing technology with 18K gold. Drop by drop, your skin will appear firm, uniform and bright.
  • PURE GOLDEN MASK 18K: this gel mask provides an instant flash and great supply of brightness while acting on wrinkles and expression lines. Your skin will appear firm and silky.
  • PURE GOLDEN OIL 18K: moisturise and nourish the skin of your face with this exquisite oil without oily effect, providing an unbeatable bath of brightness, thanks to the pure 18K gold among other luxurious ingredients.
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