Get a dream skin thanks to this facial treatment of the + Pure Vitamin C line by SELVERT THERMAL. Thanks to the richness in Vitamin C of the products that contain this facial program, the skin is protected against premature aging and looks radiant and full of vitality again.

PVP: € 49.90 at Institutes of Beauty & Spa’s

Products that include this program

  • Vitalizing Cream Vitaspheres C: anti-aging cream with a pleasant texture indicated for devitalized skin that needs a continuous supply of Vitamin C, which will facilitate cell renewal and protection against free radicals. 50 ml
  • Vitalizing Eye Contour Cream: to treat the delicate skin around the eyes, this cream is enriched with whole orange extract, fruit rich in essential oils, flavonoids and organic acids. Relaxation and freshness to get a more beautiful and luminous look. 15 ml
  • Renewal Srub: non-aggressive facial scrub with fresh texture that helps remove impurities from the skin. 50 ml
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